About Me

My name is Julia and I am the owner of Mountain Scentaments located in the beautiful mountains of Hendersonville, NC.  I am a mother of a wonderful supportive teenage son and a very loving  husband.  I am truely bless with a family that supports me while I whip up some rather impressive crafting messes.   I when I was young I made ceramics and painted shirts with my mother.  My sister also taught me to make beautiful candles.  I also love to draw and oil paint. Crafting has always been a part of my life.

Years ago I started making candles because I could never find the right fragrance at the store, or the candles I bought were just horrible.  Either I could not smell the candles, or they would burn so fast with lots of wasted wax let over.  I decided I could do better making my own candles.  When I discovered wooden wicks I fell in love.  I just love the crackle they make, much like the wood burning fireplace my grandma had in my wonderful childhood memories.

My soap making started as an effort to make better and more natural skin care for me and my family.  I found out quickly I could make more than we could use or give away to friends and family due to the pure joy I had making soap.  I found soap making really sparked that creativity from my younger years.  The versatility of making soap seems endless.  I make everything from beer soap, salt soap, pet soap (I can’t forget the furry family), artisan soap, and felted soap.  When I discovered felting I wondered where this craft has been all my life.  I just love felting and with local sheep farmers around don’t be surprised to see more felted items soon!

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  1. Will you be making soap this year? I'm sorry to hear of your undetermined pause. I hope all is well and you've just gotten too busy for the commercial side of your art. God bless. Thanks for all the soap!