Friday, November 9, 2012

My Christmas Gift Set Packaging Solved

Sometimes I feel so packaging challenged.  It seems nothing comes out as I ever plan.
I have had the hardest time trying to package up my goat milk soap with a Christmas theme.  I finally found these cute cotton bags.  When they arrived I found them to be just big enough to fit the soap in(whew).  I had to attach the wooden soap dish to the bag.  I was hoping the dish would fit in the bag too.  Well it was raffita to the rescue.  Not exactly as I imagined but it works.

My felted soap was a little easier once I ordered the polyolefin shrink film.  This stuff is amazing.  I have read about it but hated dealing with those awlful shrink bags I have used in the past.  They have an awlful odor and are just to brittle.  Finally a super thin film that is strong and best of all comes perforated so my customers can smell my product without that plastic odor.  I attached the label to the back of the soap dish and added a homespun bow to the top.

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