Saturday, January 19, 2013

January's Pick for Me is Hungary

My first Country is Hungary!  I didn't really know much about Hungry but learned quite a bit!  This Challenge is so fun!  The most interesting thing I learned was Hungary is considered the Spa Capitol of the World!  I learned there are many natural Thermal Springs and Lakes all around Hungary!  People flock to these waters for their natural healing benifits.  Hungary is also home to the World's largest Thermal Lake, Lake Hévíz.  Many Bathhouses are still in use today dating back to the ancient Roman!  I found out so much about this country and made a soap I thought would represent the country of Hungary.  I made a Rose Hip Tea Soap with lots of nourishing properties.  I know this soap is not the most beautiful compaired to everyone elses creations but I wanted to make a natural soap to represent this country full of natural goodness.  I hope you enjoy the video!
 In case your not able to watch the video, here is the picture of the soap I made!

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