Sunday, August 25, 2013

Soap Branding

I love soap stamps because it just seems to add a bit of interest in plain soap.
 Now I have never been too successful with the mica and rubber stamping but I do stamp some of my soap with regular soap stamps you can find at Brambleberry.  Brambleberry has quite a selection too!  Now that you know about my small obsession with stamping soap,I can now get to the main reason for this short post.  I can toss all the cute stamps out because this girl took the plunge and had a stamp made with my logo.  Now all my soaps will have my brand stamped in.  I have read many articles on the importance of branding your products and I always seem to fall a little short because I love creating new labels and packaging. Well now I can say at least my soap will have my brand.  Here is a picture of my pine tar soap  that I have never found the right stamp for and now it has my brand.  How exciting is that??


  1. That's a really nice stamp you have for your equally beautiful logo.

  2. I really love your new personalized soap stamp, it looks great! Thanks for the shout-out. =)

  3. WHERE did you get it?? It looks absolutely perfect. I've been trolling Etsy and other shops trying to find someone to make me a personalized stamp for my stuff and haven't seen give a poor soaping girl some direction, would you???

    1. She was super helpful with my design too..I am really happy with it!